How Google Data Studio Can Help Your Online Auctions & Business Grow
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How Google Data Studio Can Help Your Online Auctions

If you are considering using Google Data Studio for business, this article is for you!

Analyzing new information and data is an important part of any business’s day-to-day activities. For an auction company, though, it is even more important. Hundreds of thousands of pieces of data can be collected just from a single auction. Being able to organize that data, analyze it, and get it to where it needs to go is crucial in growing your business and continuing to have successful auctions. Organizing that much data can be a stressful task, but it can be easy with the help of Google Data Studio.

Google Data Studio is a free tool for turning unorganized, confusing data into easy-to-read, informative, and fully customizable dashboards and charts. It can connect to a variety of data sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Facebook, and more! Read on to learn how Google Data Studio can help grow your online auctions:

Easy to Visualize and Understand Data

While most data collection platforms are confusing and require a lot of clicking around, Data Studio makes it easy to filter and organize the data so you can view what you want to see and leave out the stuff you don’t. You can also customize each report to be branded to your business! Editing is easy, just click and drag to move the graphs and charts around the report.

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Easy to Data Connection

With just a few clicks, Google Data Studio can be connected to a wide variety of data collection platforms such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, Google Sheets, YouTube, Google Search Console, and many more. You can also import data and upload files from your computer or a Cloud storage based system. Lastly, Google Data studio can connect to popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

Easily Share & Collaborate with your Team

Google Data Studio allows you to share your newly created data reports easily and quickly with just a few clicks! You can either export your report and share it via email, the traditional way, or you can grant access and edit permissions to team members so they can collaborate on the report and make changes that everyone can see in real time. You can also scheduled reports to be emailed on a repeating scheduled.

Template Uploads

Lastly, Google Data Studio allows you to upload your own report templates. If you don’t have any to upload, you can select a template from a large selection that Google Data Studio offers.  If you like the style of a report someone else created, just make a copy of it and create a template that way as well!

Overall, Google Data Studio offers many great features that can help organize your data and help your live and online auctions grow. Whether it’s a report on how many items you’ve sold or the contact information of your customers, Google Data Studio can generate organized, branded reports that can be customized to any company.

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