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Live Simulcast Auction Software

Simulcast style auctions have been around for quite a while now. A long description about what simulcast auction software provides is probably not needed at this point. However, there are some differences in the way that we provide this type of auction software for you. The main difference with Auctioneer Software is that we don’t give your commission away! Read on to find out what simulcast auction software looks like with us as your provider.

Online Auction Platform

What Makes Us Different​

1. Our commitment to delivering a seamless and efficient platform has been a central focus of our efforts, with considerable time and resources dedicated to ensuring your experience is both reliable and swift.

2. Our simulcast auction software was developed around the wishes we heard from auction companies as they used other software that couldn’t meet their needs. After hearing “I wish it could do this” or “I wish it had this” we created our unique software to serve you best.

3. We charge a one time setup fee along with a monthly payment. Run as many auctions as you like without having to pay us a commission. We think that your profits should stay your profits.

4. Our goal is for you to become self sufficient with the administrating of the auction process.

5. Our software allows one bidder database for you. If you were to utilize all of our products, your bidder would only need one username and one registration to participate in all the auction types. Plus, your bidders are only yours, you aren’t just adding them to a pool for your competitors as well.

6. We offer much more than your standard live and online auction services. Our Search Engine Optimization and Marketing team is ready to help your auction site rank higher in Google, and reach more bidders with social media marketing!