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About Our Company

Auctioneer Software is a custom online auction software and website design company located in Grandville, Michigan about 15 minutes west of Grand Rapids, MI. Auctioneer Software was born when a large demand rose for custom auction software that can work together on one platform instead of using several different types of auction website software that was pieced together. The parent company, Spectrum Net Designs, Inc., started small by providing custom website design and hosting from the home basement of our president, Kurt Kaptein. The response we received for our commercial auction software and design was remarkable and within a year, we expanded our services to include website hosting, domain registration, and website maintenance, as well as many other services as we continued to grow.

Auctioneer Software is a branch of Spectrum Net Designs, a website design and hosting company. We have been involved with the auction industry for over 16 years, and we are confident that we know how to develop software that fits the need of auction companies. Over years we have developed multiple software systems as well as numerous services to provide comprehensive solutions for auctioneers and their companies.

We have been increasing our capabilities and improving our service offering over the past years and are now ready to provide more of our expertise to the auction industry. Auctioneer Software offers 5 different types of software including multi-par, simulcast, and live clerking commercial auction software. We believe that your auction software company should be able to accommodate all of your software needs, so we operate as a single source provider. Additionally, we have developed two apps to assist with pre-auction cataloging and mobile bidding. These applications allow ease of use for our clients and their bidders

Our company offers full time, on-site developers, an incredible marketing & sales team, and office staff who are ready to serve you and your company to the best of their abilities. Contact us today to learn more about our company, services, and passion for commercial auction software.

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