Did We Mention…There’s an App for That

Get to know the Auctioneer Software App

Are you taking advantage of our mobile auction app? If you haven’t yet, you should be! When we were designing our app, we wanted to make sure that you would have easy access to our software wherever you may be. From working on-site cataloging items or quickly adding a lot before an auction begins – our app is a perfect extension of our software to help you on the go.

"Our app is a perfect extension of our software to help you on the go"

Check out a few of the features below:

  • Works for anyone on Auctioneer Software 2.0
  • Cross Platform for use on IOS and Android
  • Mobile Friendly Admin
  • Gives you the ability to take photos of items up for auction and upload them instantly from your device to your Auctions, Lots or Inventory
  • Access files and media directly from your device for easy upload
  • Gives you the ability to organize photos and documents easily
  • Vin/barcode scanner for faster input
  • Ability to add and edit items and lots quickly on the go

The mobile application is basically a little bonus for you, our customers, as another way to be more versatile in a busy world. We want to be a software provider that makes your life easier and decided that creating our auction app was the next step to giving you the best experience with us possible.

Our app is available for download now!

Find the download for free in either the App Store or with Google Play. After you’ve tried it out, you’re sure to be hooked.

If you’ve been using our app for a while now, we’d love to get some feedback! What do you love about the app? Are there any features that you would like to see added? Let us know!

Ready To Get Started With Our Software So You Can Use Our App?


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