Why We…Utilize Onsite Developers and Staff

6 Reasons that We Utilize Onsite Developers

When you think of development and technology you think about accessibility and working with anyone around the world with unlimited resources.  Well that part is very true, with the development of IT and systems in the past years, we are able to work with people from around the globe.  The benefits of working with a company like that is limitless and you can depend on AuctioneerSoftware.com to be in that class of companies.   With that said, it’s not as beneficial to use off site or 3rd party development teams.  You have to deal with different schedules, office hours, possible time zones, and much more, so here are the 6 reasons that we use onsite developers



One thing that we have a strict thought on is that we do not hire off-shore or out-of-state developers, that have to work off-site from our offices.   Our entire development team of currently over 10 developers are on our staff and work right in our offices with actual office hours.   We are available off time as well if your project calls for that instance.  We can plan out schedules to work within your project needs.  When you are working on the project, it is important that we are available to you to make changes, test, and answer any questions you may have in a timely manner.  This makes the project the most efficient it can be with time management and project cost in mind.


Communication is key when working through a website design & development project. Our developers are on staff during office hours ready to address anything that may come in during the work day. It is important to keep you, the client, updated on any issues or changes that were discussed that day. Our Sales Team and our Development Team all work out of the same office. This is very beneficial during the quoting, planning, and on boarding process so that everyone who will be involved on the project has been included from the very beginning.

Unplanned Meetings

When working with all development projects, things come up during the process that were not planned for or the project scope was changed. With the website developers directly on staff, we can call meetings at any time to get the project modified, or back on task and address any issues that may come up before things get out of hand.


Less Distraction

We all know that distractions during the day are everywhere and AuctioneerSoftware is very effective at keeping those distractions reigned in while creating minimal distraction for our developers for efficiency of the project.  When we are spending our clients time and money it is important that they get what they are paying for and results that make them happy.  The developers are able to stay focused and keep working on the tasks at hand without having distractions from other sources.

Collaboration Time

Collaboration is huge when working in the development field. Not everyone knows everything and each has a niche as well as experience.  Working in the same location with other co-developers allows them to work with each other on best possible practices and ways of implementing new ideas from our clients, and keeping pace with communications too. We are devoted to keeping up with the latest technology trends and having our developers work together on this is key to the success of our company.

Know our Company

Working in the same location as management is also important to learning the ins and outs of how the company runs. The team is able to hear new ideas that are being met about, see the advancing of the company, have valuable input into the companies processes and work flow and most importantly feel like a valuable asset needed for the company. Getting to know the company is just as important as knowing your client, and understanding the project.  Having the entire picture will allow for more growth and experience in the future.

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