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Tools to Use When Looking for New SEO Keywords

Three of Our Favorite SEO Keyword Tools

The terms “keyword research” and “keyword optimization” get thrown around a lot, but how do you know what SEO keyword tools to use? With so many options out there, it can be tough to find the best tool to use.

If you are already utilizing keywords in your SEO and marketing strategies, chances are you are on the right path! But what happens when you can’t think of any more keywords and your current ones become stagnant and stop bringing new traffic to your website?  Keyword research is something that is integral to any SEO or marketing strategy, as you should constantly be searching for new terms to describe your business and the products or services you provide. The more keywords you rank for, the better!

Here is a list of our top 3 SEO keyword tools and brief explanations of each service:

Moz's Keyword Explorer

Moz is one of the leading experts in SEO and Keyword research – they know their stuff. While this service does require a monthly fee to use, there is a 30 day free trial available. Just type in any keyword to see stats and data about that keyword, including competitor insight and how difficult or easy it might be to rank for that specific word or phrase. Moz also provides keyword suggestions from the largest English language database on the web!

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Google Trends

Google Trends is a great free tool from Google. On their website, you can type in a phrase or keyword and see data about that term. You can view data related to interest over time, data by state and sub region, and even related search queries that users are searching for. You can even compare two keywords and their data side by side! Best of all, the information is presented through colorful, interactive graphs that are easy to understand.


While there is a limited free version, the features and tools in the paid SEMrush also do a great job at helping you find new keywords, trends, and audience levels. In addition to your own keywords, SEMrush lets you monitor your competitors keywords to find opportunities to take the lead in ranking for a specific term. Like Google Trends, SEMrush presents the information in a simple, easy to read way that makes it easy to find new keywords.

Learn more about SEMrush

Regardless of the tools you use to search for keywords, keyword research is an important part of any marketing strategy. We hope that the SEO keyword tools we’ve listed help you either start your keyword journey or help it become more thorough and complex!

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