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Lead Generation Campaigns for your Auctions

Do you have a digital marketing strategy but aren’t getting the leads you thought you would from it? While marketing campaigns are great at creating brand awareness and generating content for your bidders, you might need a more specific lead generation campaign to bring in new customers. In this blog post we will review what a lead generation campaign is, what a lead is, the different types of leads, as well as give some examples on what a lead generation campaign can look like!

First things first – what is a lead?

In order to understand what a lead generation campaign is, it is important to know what a lead is! A lead is a person who shows interest in your company and your services in any way, shape or form. There are different types of leads: marketing qualified leads, product qualified leads, sales qualified leads, and service qualified leads, to name a few! Three common types of leads that will mostly likely interact with your auction company are marketing qualified leads (MQLs), service qualified leads (SQLs), and product qualified leads (PQLs).

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

A marketing qualified lead is a person who shows interest in your company, product, or service after interacting or engaging with anything in your marketing campaign. This can include interacting with paid ads, organic social posts, landing pages, email newsletters, postcards, and more! An example of a marketing qualified lead would be someone who click on a social media post about an upcoming auction or a potential customer who filled out a form that indicates their interest in selling their item in an upcoming auction.  Most of the time, MQLs require a bit more interaction and research before they are ready to fully engage and partake in your product or service.

Service Qualified Leads and Product Qualified Leads

Service and product qualified leads are people who have indicated that the would like to learn more and are ready to be contacted by the sales team and have expressed interest that they would like to become a paying customer. A person who has tried a free trial and is ready to commit and be upgraded to a paid version is an example of a product qualified lead (PQL). An example of a Service Qualified Lead (SQL) would be if a customer has already subscribed to you for free, but has indicated they would like to upgrade their services and become a paying customer.

Lead Generation Campaign

 A lead generation campaign is a specific marketing effort that is intended to bring in leads. This is done through nurturing potential customers with the goal of turning them into a lead and then eventually a paying customer. A lead generation campaign doesn’t have to cost money, it can be through any channel, like email newsletters, your blog posts, or social media. However, incorporating paid advertising into your lead generation campaign will help your campaign be more successful. Whatever you choose to use, it should direct visitors to a landing page, where they can download more information, fill out a form, and have their information passed along to the appropriate channel.

A typical lead generation flow looks like this:

  1. Visitor discovers your company from your marketing efforts like paid advertising, blog posts, or social media.
  2. Visitor is interested and clicks on a call-to-action button (either on your ads, in your blog posts, on your company Facebook page, etc)
  3. The call-to-action button brings the visitor to a landing page where they can receive valuable content and leave their information via a form they fill out in exchange for the valuable content.

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