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How to Maintain a Social Media Schedule

If you’ve ever wondered how often you should post to your social media, you’re not alone! That is one of the most asked questions we hear from our marketing clients at Auctioneer Software! We also often hear that people have trouble maintaining a consistent posting schedule, which can be a challenge if you don’t have a system to keep track of your content and when it goes out!

While there is no right answer, and it can vary between each platform, there is a sweet spot of posting frequency that is easy to maintain AND keeps the social media algorithms happy! A perfect way to make sure you aren’t falling behind in your social posts or getting too post-happy is to create and maintain a social media schedule! Read on for tips on creating and maintaining a social schedule as well as our recommendations for the best platforms to schedule social posts!

Consistency is Key!

One of the main reasons to have a social media schedule is to maintain consistency with posting! At the beginning of every month, take time to identify all the content and ideas you have and want to post and space them out on your calendar so there are consistent posts throughout the whole month, across all platforms! Be sure to space out your topics as well, so your content can stay varied, and your followers don’t get burnt out.

How often you post also depends on your average engagement and the number of followers you have on any given platform! If you have only a few followers that don’t engage with your posts and photos very often, you’ll want to stick to one or two posts a week, as to not overwhelm them AND the algorithm. If you post too much, the algorithms on social platforms will start to interfere and not show your post to as many people. However, if you have a strong following with decent engagement, posting every other day to once a day is great! 

If you’re searching for a content calendar template, HubSpot offers a great option that is easy to use! If you’re looking for websites that will schedule your social posts to multiple platforms, check out Loomly or Hootsuite!  If you use mostly just Facebook and Instagram, and have your accounts connected, Facebook Creator Studio is a great tool as well!

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