5 Important Tips If Your Are New To Online Auctions Software

Online auctions are a thing of the past, present, & future – people have been buying and selling items through live auctions for hundreds of years, and for the past decade online auctions are a part of everyday life. If your company is just getting onto the Online Auction train getting items ready to sell online, you probably don’t know where to start. Auctioneer Software can offer you online auction software with customizable features or on it’s own to make your auction business run smoothly and efficiently without headaches. Although we do advise to get assistance while setting up & getting your new software ready, this does NOT mean you should be completely clueless when it comes to how the software that is representing your business. Here are a few tips & things to consider as you are setting up your new online auction site & software.

The First Thing To Remember

Auction software is that it should fit your companies needs, you should be able to adjust and change your software so that your buyers needs are being met! This could go from bid increments to bid notifications, and anything else in between. It’s important to see where improvements can be made & follow up with the changes implemented. Be sure that your software provider can offer that feature to you.

Auction Software is NOT one size fits all...

Now this is an important one…be aware of companies trying to sell you a generalized auction software that will “work for everyone”. If your specialty is real estate, not every online auction software is going to be able to fit your needs the way it should – or if you want to host live or simulcast auctions, a software created specifically for real estate also is not going to serve you in the best possible way. Please beware & cautious as you choose your provider.

Advertise Your Auctions

Once you start running your auctions, don’t stop there. A good auction software and auction website should and will speak for itself with the results that trail – but that doesn’t mean it’s not smart to take advantage of the many free options to advertise! Social media is a great free tool to use for your auctions. There are also many extremely effective paid ways to advertise your auctions, Search Engine Optimization services are a great way to gain more traffic organically to your site as well as paid advertising opportunities through Google & Facebook.

Online Auction Software website

Prioritize Mobile Friendly

As a business, accommodating your users needs should be top priority. The average person spends over 4 hours daily on their mobile device (Inc.com) This seems like a massive amount of time, right? It is! But it also shows us the importance of making sure your auctions are mobile friendly. Whether it’s an app or a mobile responsive website, do it! You won’t regret it.

Stay Local For Better Service

This is more of a personal tip from us…but we believe that outsourcing auction software results in a disconnected relationship between provider & auction company. It’s important for any auction company to be able to call their provider & get help & assistance as soon as possible. So try to stay local – meaning your specific country to get the best service possible.

New Online Auction Software

Now that you’ve read our 5 simple tips to get you started with your online auction software, you are ready to get out there and start selling the best way possible. As always, we stand by our advice and proudly can offer services to support you with the above statements.

If You Need Assistance Getting Your Auctions Started, Marketed, or Mobile Friendly...


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