What Should You Know About Custom Auction Software and Development?

Custom Development Isn't As Scary As It Sounds!

Running an auction business is not for anyone who wants an easy going job with no responsibility…if you’ve been in the industry for any period of time, you know the challenges that you face, being one in a million yet needing to find a way that your auctions stand out and are noticed. One of the many ways that auction companies today choose to stand out is through their own auction software and processes – a well-developed system can and will change the experience for your bidders as well as create a reputation that you can be proud of showing off. So, what is the difference between so called “off-the-shelf” software & custom auction software that is developed for your company?


For starters, price is going to always be the biggest draw back for many companies. Off-the-shelf auction software will undoubtedly be much cheaper than software that has been developed for your company specifically…but is it worth it? You may save money initially in the purchase of an of-the-shelf auction software, but will you be able to accurately and precisely meet the needs of your bidders, consignors, and back-end users? Are you going to spend more on advertising your auctions so that you stand out from the rest of the auction companies out there with the same software? Cheap does not always mean better, cheap software could be a result of many different factors, include the age of the software, usability, basic functions, and so much more.

Time To Get Up and Running

Another thing you might notice a difference in between custom auction software & mass-produced software is the time to get up and running…to buy a software that is off the shelf, you will have an extremely short amount of time before you can get up and running – which might be the selling factor for you – but for any established auction company, or if that’s your goal, considering the long game is going to be crucial when it comes to making business decisions that will affect you for forever such as your software. Custom software will undoubtedly take more time to develop, but because it will be built off of your specific business needs, it will serve you much longer, and much better than any boxed software that you could buy. Custom software goes through various stages in order to make it functional, the analytical stage where you analyze your business & consumers needs, the planning stage where you brainstorm to see what you want your software to look like in order to best serve your customers. This will be followed by the design, development, and implementation – lastly you will need to test and launch your new software. This entire process can take anywhere from 4-6 months on average depending on your requirements, it’s important to plan ahead to make sure your business isn’t stuck in a pinch. You can also roll it out in phases if you need to launch sooner, this is always an option, but make sure you account for this in the planning stages. Auction software will always need to be maintained as time goes on, just like any other software, and it’s important that companies and businesses realize this so that there is no misconceptions about the necessary steps and follow ups required for any business or person looking to invest in auction software. Software maintenance is one important step you won’t want to ignore and definitely plan for.

custom software development time

Software Limitations

Lastly, one of the biggest differences is going to be your limitations as far as your software goes. When choosing to have software custom made for your company, your options will be endless, you can dream of functionality & design that will not only represent your brand properly, but also set you so far apart from your competitors. In a world with endless auction companies, being unique and set apart is a must. Not only will you be able to craft a software with the exact functionality and needs to serve your bidders, but you will NEVER be stuck with that functionality forever. Choosing an auction software provider like Auctioneer Software provides you with the ability to continually update and craft your software as your business changes and grows. This is freedom like none other for your auction business to grow, adapt, and change without being caught in a fixed position using a software that will restrict you and your growth opportunities. With Auctioneer Software, there is continued development, continued support, unlimited options and opportunities to continually adjust your software for your clients.

Choosing custom auction software over a software that is a “one size fits all” can be a hard decision, we understand that it isn’t for every auction business, but we truly believe that if you are an auction company that plans to stick around the industry and wants to serve your clients the best way possible then it’s a more than a worthwhile investment – the rewards that you will receive when it comes to exclusivity, uniqueness, and precise service for your customers and clients needs is second to none.

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