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Auction Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

The Difference between “Auction Marketing” vs “Traditional Marketing”

What You Need to Know About Your Auction Marketing Efforts

As an auction company you likely have run into some serious questions about how to market your website. It may seem nearly impossible – especially since your website content is constantly changing to reflect new auctions and items within those auctions. In light of the need to approach marketing your auction website in a much different way than any other traditional website, we like to refer to this as “auction marketing” simply because the overall approach does to be different than the traditional method of marketing any other conventional website. Read on to learn what to do for auction marketing vs traditional marketing!

What Is the Difference Between Auction vs Traditional Marketing?

So, all this information leads us to the big question, what IS the difference between auction and traditional marketing? Let’s look at each individually starting with the traditional marketing approach.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing might be…dare we say the simpler of the two marketing types? Marketing all together is no simple topic, there are always a ton of things to be considered or looked at when working on marketing for a company. Remember, the phrase “marketing” encompasses not only the digital era that we are currently in, but it also includes the more basic forms of marketing that people used before the internet was the main source of communication. Traditional marketing focuses on getting products or services seen or heard about by the public. Early marketing tactics consisted more of flyers, telemarketers, mailers. Now in the digital age that we are in, those traditional marketing methods are more and more rare, and many people focus more on search engine optimization, content writing, website link structure and other more digital forms of marketing that are all based around being found online and on social media.

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Auction Marketing

Auction marketing does, at first glance, seem much more challenging, because an auction website’s content is always changing based on the auctions that are currently running, and that means you don’t have a steady or consistent pool of products or services that you can try and market – but really the object of the two different types of marketing is fundamentally the same. Auction marketing focuses on getting products (auction items) or services (the auctions themselves) seen or heard about by the public. The difference between the two is the way that it’s achieved. Auction marketing can be achieved through some of the same ways of traditional marketing, but because organic results take time, (which auction companies don’t always have) one of the best ways to get good results fast is through paid advertising. Paid advertising allows you to choose and target the audience who would be most interested in what each specific auction has to offer and put your content in front of them! Don’t let that information scare you away from organic marketing efforts – organic result-based marketing such as Search Engine Optimization is still a powerful tool to use for the bones of your website meaning all of the core pages that are not changing with the auctions.

The Main Difference

After reading the overall approaches to both auction and traditional marketing you might be wondering what the big difference is – they have the same general goal…the biggest difference between auction marketing and traditional marketing is going to be the way that they are going to be achieved and implemented on your website. Auction marketing requires a little more immediate attention and action while always trying to anticipate how to stay ahead of upcoming auctions and items. On the opposite spectrum, traditional marketing has a little bit more leeway when it comes to working forward towards a long-term goal which might take months or even years to achieve. Ultimately though, auction marketing and “regular” or traditional marketing are both on-going efforts that require a lot of time and dedication in order to achieve your desired results.

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As you begin or proceed with your marketing efforts, remember that all marketing takes time and effort and is an investment into your business. If you aren’t sure where to begin with marketing your business, contact us today! Our marketing team has years of experience helping auction companies see the results they desire through marketing.

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