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Utilize Social Media

6 Platforms & 6 Ways to Utilize Social Media for Your Online Auction

The benefit of having an online auction is the fact that geography doesn’t matter anymore. You can be from anywhere in the world and still participate. Using social media can help expand your audience and show your audience what products will be in the auction.

You can use Facebook in multiple ways, even if you’re not actually hosting the auction. You can create an event to invite people to see items/products you will be selling at the auction, or even give them information about the auction. You can update products and create a buzz for them by posting pictures. Allowing people to invite other people into the group will help your awareness for the auction grow. Creating a photo album of the products will also show the people what items you will be selling.

Instagram is another social media tool that is a great way to get creative with inventory. Pictures are worth more than 1000 words. Now, you can post multiple pictures on one post. This is a great way for your audience to interact and show interest. Also, like Twitter, including hashtags will broaden your audience and help target a certain type of people.

Twitter is a social media site for teasers. The 140 character count can seem like a barrier, but you can use it to your advantage by not posting all the information about your auction. This will make your auction seem interesting and people will be curious. Awareness of your auction can grow by adding hashtags and tweeting directly at someone. Links are also a great way for your audience to interact with your tweet.

Pinterest is another great way to show off pictures of the auction. Creating an auction page, you can create many boards that you can organize how you would like. For example, by products, auction, or price! Its a great organizer and tool to show off pictures. You can even put descriptions under the pictures if you would like.

LinkedIn is a great way to show off your business to the world. LinkedIn is more of a social media for businesses and professionals. It is a great way to receive new opportunities to grow their careers and to connect with other professionals. Grow your auction and clients with these easy to use tool!

YouTube is a great place to create a short promotional video to advertise your auction. After making this video, you can even post it to Facebook or Twitter if you so desire. More ideas for videos include: history of products, inspection of merchandise, or views of the land you are selling.

Using all these social media sites and more can help you customers and visitors grow like crazy! Social media is the new way to get your information out there. Your audience will gain from social media, with pictures, hints, and teasers about the upcoming auction. Social media can take up some time, but with Spectrum Net Designs, you won’t have to worry about it! We can help set it up, post, and even comment.