Top 20 Revolving Topics Around Social Media Inspiration

Social Media Inspiration for You and/or Your Company!

Sometimes it can be difficult in a business to keep social media updated. There can be no ideas, topics, or interests that seem to come to mind. Here are 20 topics for social media inspiration, whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or more.


  1. Product Photos

Instead of just having links to your products, sharing photos of them will increase visibility and will get customers more familiar with what you offer.

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  1. Customer Photo Re-Post

When a customer posts a photo of your products or content that is related to your brand, re-posting it can help share your own page as well. First, ask your customers’ permission, and second, give credit where credit is due.

  1. Polls

Social media is a great place to gather information from clients and customers. You can post polls on Twitter and Facebook so you know what your followers’ opinions and favorites are.

  1. Behind the Scenes

Give your followers an inside look at your team or how you run the business. Team events, product production, or even your workspace can get clients involved and interested.

  1. Infographics

Infographics are visual representations of data or information that you can share in a more interesting way on social media.

  1. Interesting Statistics

Give some interesting facts about your company or products with some quick statistics.

  1. Product Input Requests

You can ask customers on social media to share their input about your products or service. If a reputable input is given, a repost (asking for the customers’ permission first) can help you obtain a larger audience and more new clients.

  1. Customers Name Products

Ask customers what the best name is for a certain new product (e.g. shoes, clothing, electronics). This will get customers involved and want the product. Maybe even create a contest where the winner receives a free product, this enhances the personal connection and trust of the product.


  1. Twitter Chats

Taking part in or initiating chats with other Twitter users in your audience can be a positive way to increase your clients and customers. It also increases your presence on the platform.

  1. Live Discussions

Nowadays, people are doing live chats, discussions, questions, and answers every day.  Depending on their audience, they set up a weekly or somewhat regular live stream to interact with customers to stay in contact and give it a more personal touch.

  1. Inspirational Image

A photo you post doesn’t necessarily have to be related to a product or service, but do post something that is relevant to your target audience.  Large, bold and colorful images grab their attention and pull them into the product.  Especially if they can relate to the image or product.

  1. Case Studies

These are posts that share information about how your business or someone on the team helped a client with a particular need. Show that you can fix these potential problems!


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  1. Testimonial Requests

Ask your followers who have done business with you to submit testimonials or experiences that they had. These positive experiences can promote your business and help gain more clients.

  1. Product Recommendations

What does your customer want to buy? A certain type of shoe? A new brand of clothes? You can use a poll for this social media post as well! Get your clients to interact!

  1. Day in the Life

Show your followers you’re a real person. Simple photos of you, including work and personal content, can make yourself seem personable and easier to approach.

  1. Flashback

Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday are popular trends on Instagram and Twitter. Add a hashtag to gain more interest.

  1. Memes

Not all memes are professional, but those that are enough so, are the most used by users on Twitter. They can be fun to share and might be even relevant to your company, and create a lighter mood for your product.

  1. Holiday Themed

There are holidays throughout all the year. Even some lesser known ones, e.g. Chocolate Day, National Coffee Day, may be relevant to your

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  1. Company News

Updates like new employees or offerings are shareable on social media. The more you can offer and help your prospects, the more trust and future clients you will eventually gain. Remember, this is 80% about your clients and only 20% about you!

  1. Giveaways

Hosting giveaways will help highlight new products or promotions. You can just insert a link to most social media sites, that will link to the special offer or freebie.  You can set up as a way to catch prospects information or promote it by creating rules to share and like before they are entered.  Whatever way you prefer remember to keep it simple – or they will just find another site to interact with.

All these ideas can help with social media inspiration, and therefore enhance your audience so that you will grow in popularity and/or in customers and clients! A few posts are better than none. Social media is very important now, especially for the younger generation that is growing up. Updating your company’s social media platforms on a regular basis will keep you connected to your clients and future clients in a way targeted toward them and not all about you.

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