Online Auction FAQs | Answers To Your Online Auction Questions!
online auction faq

Online Auction FAQs

Answering Your Questions About Online Auctions

Online auctions are a great way to take your auction company to the next level! It’s normal that you will have some questions about online auctions and how they can best help your company. So, we are diving into some online auction FAQs to help clear things up!

1. Will It Really Help My Auctions?

YES! The biggest reason that online auctions can help your company is because it allows you to have a much larger bidder pool! That sound great doesn’t it? Because your auction is online, bidders don’t have to be in your location to easily attend. In fact, they could be from several states away! And because they can set a maximum bid, they don’t have to worry about even being at their computer during the auctions! More bidders mean more bids, more bids means more competition, more competition means higher final bids! Which is a huge win for your company and your sellers!

2. Will Bidders Still Be Able To Find My Auctions?

Again, YES! While it may sound like a big switch to go from live to online, your bidders will quickly catch on. You may want to put a little more advertising behind your auctions to make sure that bidders are properly informed, but there is no reason that they won’t be able to find your auction. Make sure to post about it on your social media, include helpful information in your newsletter, and highlight it on your website.

bidders find you online

3. Is It Hard To Manage An Online Auction?

Not when you have great software! Online auctions should make your life easier! Our software allows you to bulk upload lots, automatically send out statements and invoices, interact with your bidders, and more! You can monitor your auction from the comfort of your own home and just watch the bids come flooding in. Everything can be done from your computer!

4. What’s The Deal With Commission?

Here at Auctioneer Software we believe that your auctions are yours, so your profits should be too. We don’t believe in taking a commission based off of your hard work.

5. How Long Will It Take To Set Up?

When you work with Auctioneer Software, you can have your online auctions set up in days, not months! We will work closely with your team to bring you the software that will best work for your company. Our developers can tailor our software to meet any needs that your company may have.

We hope that this has helped answer some of your online auction FAQs! Ready to look into setting up online auctions for your company? Contact us for a free demo of our software! We would love to talk more about your online auction needs.

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