One Auction Platform

All The Software & Tools You'll Ever Need

Being a part of the auction industry is challenging. You have daily struggles to make sure that auctions are running smoothly, bidders are being taken care of, and that your future auctions are being set up and prepared for. Not to mention the added responsibility of keeping up with your hosting company, software company and everything else you must stay on top of.

How Can I Get Away From Compartmentalization?


Many auction companies use one software for their online auctions, possibly another for multi par software, then another company for hosting, and maybe even another business for Search Engine Optimization and marketing services. We are here to tell you that it DOESN’T have to be this way. No longer do you need to deal with multiple companies to make your business run. Auctioneer Software offers four hubs of auction software that can be used, changed, adjusted, updated, & adapted all as your business grows. Live/Simulcast, Online, Live Clerking, and Multi-Par are ALL offered by Auctioneer Software. As an auction business, you can have and run all your software from one single provider.

website services

What About My Website?

Taking it a step further, Auctioneer Software offers auction website design, online marketing, and hosting. We will take your business from step one to finish – starting with your business goals for your website, all the way to the launch of your website and software. We will walk beside you as you set goals for your website, we will develop a design that accurately represents your brand, and we will offer support consistently after launch.

Diving Deeper Into Marketing

Auctioneer Software also offers marketing solutions for your auction business including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing, Market Research, Graphic Design, & more. If we’ve built your website and auction software, what other outside agency knows your brand better than us? If we have not built your website or worked with you before, we are more than happy to familiarize ourselves with your system and brand in order to accurately market your business & serve you.

So there you have it, all the tools and software that you could need for your auction business, under one single roof…that means one URL and domain for your business, one number to call for assistance, one company to build a relationship with, and one bill to pay.

Are You Interested In Learning More About Our Software & How Our Process Works?


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