Make The Most From Your Auction

Optimization for Your Auction Lot to Lot

Marketing your auctions can be challenging, although most auction companies focus on one specific industry, the items are never the same! Not only do the items change, but they change OFTEN. Online auctions are often only open for bidding for one, two, maybe three weeks at a time. Then those items are sold & it’s on to the next batch. When it comes to organic traffic, it’s challenging to push traffic to items online that you only have in your possession for a very short amount of time! We understand how this can be challenging & that maybe it’s even discouraged you from really putting forth effort into marketing for your auctions. We are here to help!
Our marketing team knows the auction industry, has researched, & has found an effective marketing solution – Lot to lot marketing. So what does this mean? Why and more importantly, HOW does lot to lot marketing & optimization benefit you and your company? We will tell you…

Why Lot to Lot Marketing & Optimization Works...

Get found by users on Google…

Rather than putting all of your effort ONLY into optimizing for general industry keywords that fit your company, such as “land auction” or “antique auction” by optimizing lot to lot, you have an advantage by having multiple very specific items to optimize for. Maybe in addition to “land auction” you want to optimize for a specific piece of real estate in Florida, you could also optimize for keyword, “Florida real estate auction” or “Florida beachfront property for sale” all of the sudden, your one specific auction featuring land in Florida, has a whole new reach – which means your entire website has a whole new reach! Not only that, but if someone is searching for the term “Florida beachfront property for sale” they are most likely pretty serious about buying some property in Florida, making them the exact audience you WANT to reach. Optimizing lot to lot will give you a greater & more targeted results!

Make the most by wasting less money…

Let’s be honest, investing in marketing & SEO for your auctions can be a hard step to take, you might not always see an immediate result & if your items are selling the majority of the time, why fix something that isn’t broke right? Marketing & correct optimization can be one of the most drastic measures you can take to help get the most out of the items your selling. Many people choose to go the route of paid advertising rather than organic advertising for the sake of time – paid advertising will obviously require a bigger investment upfront, and will have a more immediate result, whereas organic might take more time, but will have a longer lasting effect. We know that both are effective if done correctly & every business is different when it comes to deciding which type is best for you. Although deciding to put in effort towards optimizing your auctions will always cost money, optimizing lot to lot can ease the dent in your pocketbook. When you are focusing on each lot individually, you more than likely will pay a fee per auction rather than a yearly fee or contract – which make it easy for marketing agencies to take advantage or slide in extra costs without you realizing.

Lot to Lot Optimization

Make the most by organizing your business

Marketing lot to lot requires a definite level of organization that will overflow to every part of your auction organization. In order to successfully market lot to lot, you need to know your individual lots down to a T.
• What’s exactly in each lot
• List of items for easier & more effective SEO keyword identification
• Photos that accurately show each angle of each item
• Well written descriptions for each individual item that include keywords you want to be found for
As an auction company, you know that a lot of effort goes into each auction before it even begins, be sure to make the most of it! After you know what each lot will be & include you can start by writing down keywords that you want your lot to be seen for & collaborate with your marketing team or agency on how to make that happen. This may seem like a small step, but when done, it can really give your business an organizational makeover. All of the sudden you find yourself planning ahead weeks with auctions, not only giving your marketers enough time to prepare & optimize each lot & auction, but also your bidders have time to find you, preview all of your items, & bid!

We hope that we’ve made it clear why we are advocates for lot to lot optimization & marketing! Now the choice is yours!

If you are looking to start optimizing your auctions lot to lot & experiencing the benefits to your auctions, Contact Us Today!


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