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Have you ever heard the term “Big Data” sounds like something made up right? We know…but it’s real! Big data by definition in the dictionary is, “extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions.” Although companies have been marketing minded for years not, big data did not really make its large entrance into the marketing world until about 2 or 3 years ago, changing search engine optimization for forever!

What Is Website Content Really?

Website content is now more than just blogs, photos, and words on a page. Over the past 2-3 years, Google has adjusted the way they look at web content. Rather than looking at a website as a large entity of information, Google is now reading websites differently, more as small sections of data. That’s right, you heard us, DATA! This data suddenly has the ability to be read, and analyzed, benefiting marketing efforts greatly! These jumbled sets of data might seem intimidating, but they actually help marketers by revealing trends, patterns, and other information regarding website interactions and more! These insights are invaluable to marketers because it allows professionals to get their website and business information across to the right people at the right time. The ability to accurately predict what your users want to know, what questions they are asking, and even what times they will ask said questions will help your company market on a new level as well as help you get more conversions for your business. 

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Google Services

Google is the largest supplier of big data for companies today, with many free tools that businesses can utilize to help make their websites better, more relevant, and have a better user experience. Specifically Google Analytics and Search Console are two tools that work seamlessly together providing both historical information as well as current, making it simpler to predict trends moving forward.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a great tool to help you gain insight into your website and a necessary tool to help you get a hold of some important big data that can help your search engine optimization efforts greatly. Analytics, once set up properly offers you valuable insight into your website, website visitors, where your visitors came from and where they are going. This google tool can also keep specific track of eCommerce insights as well as conversions, and behavior paths of website visitors. If you are not utilizing Google Analytics on your website, today is the day to get it set up and start analyzing the data, STAT. For a detailed step by step instructional on how to get analytics up and running check out this step by step guide here.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) is another great resource that can exponentially give you great input into your website and what improvements need to be made. While this is a free resource you will have to go through the installation process for your website here. Search console provides great information in regards to back links, user search queries, landing pages, mobile usability and more! These insights will help you improve you user experience, keyword focuses, and back links if analyzed and looked at properly. If you need help getting search console set up and running for your website, take a look at the following guide here.

Utilize Social Media

Social Media, Big Data, & SEO

We should never forget how important social media has become over the last few years – now even more so with its integration with big data and SEO! Over the last few years of Google observing, tracking and testing the enormous impact that search engine optimization and social media can have for business and website traffic. We see today how much of an impact that social media plays into business ranks in the search engines. Don’t be satisfied with only the information of sessions, engagements, and page views to see how well you are performing, but rather you should analyze all information and data trends throughout all of your big data in order to make the most specific plan for your company. In turn you will see positive numbers and trends in various metrics, not just sessions, engagements, and page vies as a result of intentional and proper digital marketing. This will allow you to tailor your marketing strategy all the more for your customers encouraging more conversions and helping you get your content to the top of the search engines!

Although big data makes it easier and more accessible to access the stats that truly can change your search engine marketing game, not all marketing professionals have the skill and ability to read those stats in a way that really benefits their business – and if we are honest, all marketing professionals have constant room for growth.

Our team loves big data, and we are committed to learning and pushing ourselves to be better and continually utilize website data to better our marketing services. We use Google Analytics, Search Console (formerly Webmast Tools), and other various informative statistics to do our best in predicting what next month will bring for our clients. If you are curious about our Search Engine Optimization services, or have questions about how big data can help your business; contact us today!

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