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mobile responsive website

The Importance of Mobile Usability for Your Auction Site and Software Platform

Increase Your Engagement with Mobile Responsiveness on Your Website

Is your online and live auction website mobile responsive? Can bidders easily navigate through the site, effortlessly browse images that fit the dimensions of their screens, and effectively place bids? Can YOU efficiently manage your current auctions from your phone, make last minute updates to lots and track bidders without becoming overly frustrated that you’ve pressed the wrong part of the screen for the fifth time in a row?

Having mobile responsive auction websites and the supporting software is imperative in this day and age. How often do you whip out your phone each day? We rely on our phones to quickly answer our questions and expect instant results with perfect usability from the site that we are on. And the second a site won’t load or the images go blurry or that stupid submit button continues to shrink smaller and smaller we give up and try the next site. This is not the experience you want bidders to have on your site.

mobile responsive website

Don’t know if your have a mobile responsive website? We can help.

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Convenience for your Bidders

You know this is how we act, so you know this is how your bidders act. You can’t assume that your bidders will exclusively look at your auction site from their desktop. You have to expect them to browse on their phones. You can even confirm this by utilizing your Google Analytics and Search Console data. Thus, you need to make sure that your website is responsive to give them the best experience you can. If your bidders can easily take part in your auctions from their mobile phones, you will have a much wider pool of bidders to pick from. Having a mobile responsive site frees bidders from having to be by a computer during the auction and gives them the convenience to monitor their lots whenever – wherever. Even from the sidelines of their kid’s soccer game. Plus, the easier it is for customers to bid on your mobile site the more likely they will bid, driving the final prices up. But, if bidder can’t easily navigate your site, they will leave without bidding and most likely will not return.

Benefits for you

Additionally, having a mobile friendly site gives you the convenience of being able to manage your company when you’re on the go, at a viewing, or even during an auction at the auction location. This is a huge bonus for you! Have a mobile responsive website will make you better at your job. What’s not to love about having a mobile responsive auction website?

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