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How to Attract Traffic to your Online Auction

Looking to spice up your online auction strategy? We’re here to help with some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your online auction!

If you are looking to get people interested and excited about your upcoming online auctions there are many fundamentals to set in place to have a successful online auction strategy. There are various strategies for your online auction marketing and the first step is decide which of those strategies meet your objectives. Of course, attracting new buyers and driving up the cost of your items is always one!

More auctions are moving to the online approach which allows more flexibility for the bidders! They can be in a different city or state, bidding on their phone and maybe even on their lunch break! The accessibility and opportunity for online auctions are better than ever! When you expand your reach, you are attracting more buyers and selling your items at a better price point!

Now the task is to understand your target audience, then you will need to highlight your auction on your website, promote on other social platforms and lastly, use those existing contacts!

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Understand your Audience

First things first, you need to know and understand your audience. Considering that you are probably part of your audience, you will have an idea of who will be interested in the items that you are selling. It is important to know exactly who you want to promote your online auction to and to not waste your time promoting to people who are not interested. Maybe you have a list of other businesses in your area or extended area that are looking to expand their business and would love to purchase your equipment. Or you have networked with individuals within your industry and you know they have been renting equipment and now is the perfect time for them acquire their own and ditch those rental fees.

After you understand this first step, you will have a better idea on how to get your opportunity to them and continuously passively remind them so they will show up on auction day!

Highlight The Auction on Your Website

If you have strong traffic to your website this will be an easy step for you! Bidders who come to your auction know what you offer, and know what they want, so you know the interest is already there. Make sure that your website visitors can easily see where your upcoming auctions are, and that your auctions are updated regularly with a list of what is expected for sale and always have several images of your for sale items if available to increase your bid rate. People love to see what items are rather then read about it. A great place to feature or highlight your upcoming auctions is right on your homepage!

Promote on Social Platforms

Just to make sure you are casting your net to all your potential bidders make sure to promote your online auction on several social platforms. This is taking into account those individuals who don’t go to your website, but they stumble upon your opportunity from a Facebook Post or from a behind the scenes shared story on Instagram. Facebook Groups are a great way to get to new bidders and clients as well.
Share your upcoming online opportunity not only on your website but also your company social media pages, groups, and other pages. This type of engagement will increase your reach, help direct bidders towards your registration link, provide the location of your event and push constant reminders so they don’t forget. Post regularly and more often as the date gets closer! Also, a smart strategy is to have your friends, family, previous buyers, and supporters to push your message out on their social platforms as well. The more the merrier dominates all in this scenario!

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Use Existing Contacts!

Do not forget about that handy list you have of previous customers contact information. If they have been apart of a previous online auction, then there is a good chance either they are interested or they know someone who is! Keep your potential bidders informed with weekly or biweekly emails that informs them when upcoming events will be, what will be sold and registration information, if they haven’t already registered. The key idea here is to make your emails appealing to the eye and unique to them, so they know how important they are to your business.

We hope these tips gave you more insight and now you are ready to hit the ground running and make your next online auction the best one yet! Please contact us today as we offer many other tools and resources to better promote your upcoming events!

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