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5 Things To Ask Yourself To Know If You Are In Need of New Auction Software

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meeting needs of clients

Is Your Auction Software Not Meeting the Needs of Your Bidders & Sellers?

Meeting your clients needs.  Sometimes software doesn’t grow at the rate of your auction.  Now you can embrace New Online Auction Software with Fully Customizable and Grow With You options! If you have experienced any of the following issues, we can talk today about your ideas!

Here Is What We Have Found

Sellers requested that their auction run a little differently

Auction companies have wish list of things they would like the software to do

Bidders cannot easily deal with your process because it is complicated

visibility for multiple auctions

Have Your Experienced a Lack of Visibility with Multiple Auctions Running?

Visibility keeps you moving forward.It can be incredibly difficult to obtain important data and insights when auction information is spread over multiple systems, making it difficult to see all of your auctions and data. This makes it more time consuming for the process to run smoothly.

Do You Need to Find Past Auction Results for Future Need Appraisals?

Looking Up Past Auction Inventory Doesn't Have to be Complicated!

DO YOU EVER ASK YOURSELF: What information can I look up without looking through each auction?

Do you need to look up past inventory results for appraisals? 

What have you sold as a like item in the past? 

What bidders have bid on similar auctions in the past?

THE ANSWER: ANYTHING! Your auction information from past auctions is always available to you with 1 click of a search.

auction gavel

Do You Not Have the Ability to Adapt to Changing Needs of Your Bidders & Sellers

Change is inevitable.  In an industry that is constantly changing, having Online Auction Software that is flexible will benefit your bidders and sellers. Don’t let your customers get stuck between a rock & a hard place with the changing times…Get flexible auction software that is adaptable, just like the auction industry.

How many times do you say "Software does not allow that?" to your bidders & sellers

That sentence does not have to come out of your mouth anymore!

We make sure that our clients are able to customize their software according to their clientele & their specific needs.

online auction tools

Have You Lost Bidders & Money on Unexpected & Costly Downtime?

Downtime equals lost revenue.  Sometimes software doesn’t grow at the rate of your auction.  Is your business productivity being hindered by undependable & slow auction software/systems? It’s probably time to upgrade to a software & system with various customizable features, that is proven to be simple, fast, reliable, & efficient Customizable and Grow With You options! If you have experienced any of the following issues, we can talk today about your ideas today!

What's the reason behind your unexpected downtime?

Could it be the result of no support when needed?

Our support staff and systems are is available & accessible 24/7 with onsite developers on the same page to make changes & resolve issues as needed!  

Could your unexpected downtime stem from too many steps in the process?

It’s our goal to make our software simple & usable for you. We want to minimize the steps that it takes so that you can begin using your software and maximizing revenue as soon as possible.

new online auction options

Do You Have Complete Control Over Your Auction Software Functions?

Operation efficiency is a necessity.  Operation issues such as a lack of visibility where it’s needed, and a slow processing pace will affect your auctions, these are often a result of poor co-coordination between management & departments

You don't have to tell us that Operation Efficiency = Labor Savings

Labor Savings for what?

  • Check-In Process
  • Photo Management
  • Consignor Payout
  • Checkout Bidder
  • Marketing Auction
  • Equipment Status
  • Auction Results

Save money and go with a System that is efficient, Contact Us today!

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