Simulcast Software! Live Internet Bidding

The standard LIVE simulcast auction gives you the capability to have online bidders on the internet compete in the bidding process on your auctions.

The simplicity of our software is what makes it stand out from the other offerings. Our software has only what you need, not all kinds of additional functions and frills that you will never use.

Some of the simple things we have incorporated into our software is easy bidder registration, immediate invoice after item is sold, instant messaging, pre-bidding before the auction.

We are not in the game to take much deserved dollars out of the auctioneers pocket.  

Keep 100% of your Profits!

Our understanding of a complete product is to give you only what you need to conduct your auctions, not fill up the screens and windows with every conceivable option and function that you need to wade through in order to do your auction.


Whether you are a small company that has a big opportunity from a seller or you are a large established auction company that is “giving” away the profits to providers, we would like to talk to you about your unique situation.

As with other providers of this software, you are not shoe horned into a system that does not give you the ability to customize the software for your company.  We understand that every auctioneer has a area of expertise that may require some added modifications.  Our solution gives you that ability.

We make the software work exactly how you want it to work.


  • Live auction bidding platform
  • One-time fee! No monthly auction commission!
  • Immediate invoicing features
  • Seamless integration into online auction
  • Instant messaging
  • Pre-bidding available


  • (1) Website address
  • Industry knowledge & experience
  • Dedicated developer
  • State of the art hosting environment
  • Responsive design
  • Web based admin

and Finally…

Are you tired of having the same simulcast software as everyone else? You can now customize your simulcast software to fit your company needs.