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Why Choose Auctioneer Software?

We realize that selecting a company to work with you to build online auction software is a very important decision and we do not take that lightly.
Here are some things that we have built our software around so that our online and live auction software is profitable for your company.

1. We Service ALL size businesses.

Our auction software is designed around all business types from large or small, to stable or start-up.
There is no such thing as a business that is too small or too large for Auctioneer Software.

2. Built on YOUR OWN Website Address

What does this mean? It means that when your bidders go to your online auction website they do not leave your website address: Ex: and get redirected to a different website address: Ex: Your online auction website will stay right on your OWN website address.​

3. Branding

We realize that you have worked hard to establish a brand for your auction company and we want to keep that going throughout your online auction software / website design. Our graphic design team will work with you to customize your website and online auction software so that it fits with the brand you have already created. Don’t have a brand but looking to build one? We can help with that too!

4. Auction Industry Knowledge

Kurt Kaptein, owner & founder of Auctioneer Software, has had over 20 years of auction experience working for an auction company before he started Spectrum Net Designs / Auctioneer Software. With this knowledge he is able to talk with you about your auction company understanding the terms that are used and standard auction procedures. Kurt has then taken his knowledge and trained his staff with the same so you do not have to explain it to our developers.

5. Fully Customized For You

We realized that every auction company has different practices in place and we have developed our auction software keeping that in mind. Need a specific feature for your website? No problem, we can build it for you without affecting any other customers using our platform. Everything is developed 100% for your company.

6. Simplicity

Simplicity is key. When you are in the rush of running an auction / online auction you do not need to be wasting time working with bulky auction software. We have developed a simple platform for you to use that makes running an online auction simple and without frustration.

7. No Percentage Taken From Your Profits.

We want you to keep 100% of the profits you make on all your sales. Once the software is paid for by a one time fee, you will not need to pay out additional fees to us based on the money that you make.

8. Build Your Own Bidder Database

We do not have a large database that all our customers share. Rather we realize the importance of having your own bidders for your online auction sites. You have worked to establish and maintain those relationships and we want your bidders to have a good experience with the company they have built their trust with – YOURS.

9. On Site Developers

Our developers are on site. We are sure that if you call with an issue, we will have someone available to talk to you & come up with a solution. If you are still unsure, call us today & get a free trial set up – we are confident that you’ll love us.

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