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5 Reasons to Have Your Own Auction Website

How to Stand Out from Your Competitors

Has your auction company been struggling to stay ahead of the competition on a third-party provider? With so many online auction companies operating on the same platform, it can be hard to gain recognition and compete with big names. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Have you thought about branching out and building your own website? It might seem like a big step, but having your own website is the perfect way for you to stand out compared to other auction companies.



Your Website, Your Brand

When you operate on your own website, your brand will be the first thing that people see. It won’t be buried by competitors and the third-party providers branding. On your own site bidders will be able to clearly recognize your company and start developing brand recognition. This will help them keep coming back for your future auctions.

Specialized Auction Design

No longer will your auctions look the exact same as your competitors – on your own website you will be able to customize your auctions to be bidder-friendly and have the layout that you want!

One Platform for Every Auction Type

On your own auction website, you can host every type of auction from the same place. No longer will you have to partner with different providers for your online, simulcast and multi par auctions. It’s convenient for you, and your bidders will appreciate that they don’t have to jump around to different platforms like they have to with other auction companies.

Bonus Features for Bidders

On your own platform you can provide additional value for bidders by writing a blog. Write about auction tips, insights about your industry and announce upcoming auctions. Bidders will have an additional reason to come to your site and will appreciate that you aren’t just trying to sell to them every time they come to your site like other companies do.

Control Your Customer Service

Auction companies on third-party providers aren’t able to provide the same level of customer service that a company with their own website can. If a bidder has a problem during an auction you can hop in and fix it. You won’t have to wait to check in with a third party first. Bidders will appreciate your service and will recognize the difference.

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Having your own auction site may be a little more work for you as the auctioneer, but you are able to have full control over your brand and bidder experience, making it a fantastic investment and worthwhile trade off. Bidders and sellers will notice how great their experience is with your company and will keep coming back. With your own auction website, your company will stand out from your competitors. If you’re interested in learning more about building your own auction website, contact us here.

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