Benefits of Mobile Bidding: 4 Ways Mobile Bidding Helps Your Auctions
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4 Ways Mobile Bidding Helps Your Auctions

While people have always had the option to bid using their mobile devices, most auction sites haven’t been easy enough to navigate to make mobile bidding a pleasant experience. Afterall, who wants to be continually scrolling to find the item they’re looking for and zooming in and out on little lot picture? Now that there are more effective ways to bid using a mobile device, has your auction company decided to implement mobile bidding? Check out our latest infographic to learn the benefits of mobile bidding and how having additional bidding methods can help your auction flourish:

4 Ways Mobile
Bidding Helps
Your Auctions

Differentiate Your

Not all online auction companies have mobile bidding set up. If your company does, it will show that you are on top of your game and are dedicated to staying up to date in the industry. This will increase bidder’s opinions of your brand and will make your company stand out compared to competitors.


We spend so much time on our phones every day – capitalize on that and make your auctions accessible on your bidder’s phones! They will appreciate the convenience and will be thankful that you are giving them an easy way to bid (and the easier it is to bid, the more likely they will!) Now they don’t have to worry about being out-bid while they are away from their computer at their kid’s sporting event – they can just check their phone from the sidelines.

Increases the Number
of Bidders

Providing mobile bidding allows a whole group of on-the-go bidders to participate in your auction, bringing you a new bidder demographic that you couldn’t reach before. Think of all the people who would be bidding but haven’t been able to because they didn’t have time to sit in front of their computer! This is an easy was to quickly increase your pool of loyal bidders.

Increases Revenue

We’ve established that mobile bidding leads to an increase in bidders. Any good auctioneer knows that more people participating in an auction leads to more bidding & competition which leads to a higher selling price! This brings in more money both for your seller and for you as an auction company. What’s not to love about mobile bidding for online auctions!



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We hope that this has shed some light on the benefits of mobile bidding for your online auction site! The advantages it provides for auctioneers is incredible and should be used by every auction company. If you are interested in setting up mobile bidding for your online auction site, or if you have further questions about mobile bidding, contact us here.

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