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3 ways we keep your data safe

3 Ways We Keep Your Data Safe

Data Has Never Been Safer with Auctioneer Software

In a data and online driven world, it can be concerning when we put so much of our personal information out on the web. Emails, addresses, credit card information, birthdates, and more…how do we know that our data is being respected and kept safe? How do we know that information is not being sold for some other businesses profit? These might be just a few of the questions that you have had when thinking about the data and information that you put out on the web – and rightfully so! It seems that many companies and businesses don’t address data and what steps they are taking to keep your safe, so that’s exactly what we want to do.

1. Infrastructure Design

Our infrastructure design is one of the very first and most important ways that we keep your information and data safe. Our proactive design isolates public facing vs. private data. This means that all servers that do the actual processing of transactions, storing transactions, sending emails, databases and so on are absolutely NEVER publicly accessible – which plays a big part in the security of your data. There are many other ways that we take extra security precautions including an implementation of an SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificate to ensure your connection to us is secure and private (to read more of why an SSL is important click here) Not only that, but another way that we strive to keep your data as safe as possible is through automated systems that block traffic from known hacker IPs.

infrastructure design

We subscribe to multiple lists that are being updated daily to ensure that we have current lists of new and previous hacker IPs. Our security measures don’t end there, believe it or not we also implement further security internally – we limit what information servers are able to communicate with others. For example, only a few servers are able to communicate with our internal secure database servers. This extra limitation is implemented on both the physical and configuration level. There are many more additional ways that our infrastructure keeps your data safe, and if you have more questions about our design and what we are actively doing to keep your data safe through our infrastructure, please reach out to us today and we would be happy to talk to you more.

2. Sensitive Data Permissions

Another way that our software’s design provides extra security is with sensitive field permissions such as lot’s reserve and bidder information. We understand that this information is sensitive for every auction company and we want to make sure that all of your data is as safe and secure as possible. So, what does that mean? For example, this means that when it comes to the ability for a user to see and access bidder information only users with admin permissions can see bidder information. This is the case for any sensitive information as well as any permissions. All data fields can only be accessed through our API or Application Programming Interface which also defines which permissions and roles are required in order to see information on a field-by-field basis keeping your information and bidders information as safe as possible.

3. Security Design Specifically for Passwords & Credit Card Information

Our software is designed with security at the top of its mind when it comes to sensitive data. For example, all passwords are salted and hashed meaning that passwords become significantly more difficult to access by an outsider – that includes us! Not only that, but all sensitive information such as credit card information is always stored on worldwide trusted external credit card gateways.

As the web is evolving there are becoming better and more secure ways to keep your data safe – we here at Auctioneer Software are constantly re-evaluating the ways that we keep your data safe and making adjustments and improvements as the opportunities arise. If you have any questions or concerns about the various ways that we are working to keep your company and bidder data safe, unshared, and secure, please contact us today. We are more than happy to talk to you more about our safe data precautions.

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