Website Hosting Michigan

Have you ever had it happen to you that you’re on the internet, and then you lose a connection to a website that you are shopping on?  Imagine this:  You’ve been browsing a website for a significant amount of time looking for a style or a particular size or a specific color, and you have finally made the decision to add items to the cart and are ready to checkout. If you are on a store website, you press the checkout button, or you press the bid button if you’re on an auction site. Then…you get a message that says page cannot be displayed.  Isn’t that frustrating?  I know it is when it happens to me!

We “SWITCHED” To the Grand Rapids Pyramid Campus

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Safe and Secure

The Data Center, which is the only one of its kind in West Michigan, ranks among the top network operating centers in the world. It houses high-end backup and monitoring systems, redundant servers and routers, multiple Internet backbone connections and secure collocation cabinets containing customer equipment. With a protected, climate-controlled environment, the large, multi-million dollar Data Center is the ideal place to store mission-critical systems.

Quality Equipment

The Data Center has advanced technology and a spacious, innovative design that allows us to meet almost all of our customers’ requests. Quality equipment and well-designed systems make our connections incredibly reliable. Continuous backup systems ensure exceptionally high uptime

Reliable Network

A robust network has always been a key priority. Today our network stability is unmatched even by large national providers. The following measures contribute to our network reliability:

  • Multiple gigabit connections to the internet backbone through carriers in various cities, ensuring continuous connectivity. If a major carrier becomes unavailable, network traffic automatically routes through another carrier.
  • Burstable Bandwidth capacity
  • Continuous monitoring of network usage to ensure open bandwidth for all of our customers.
  • Location on multiple SONET fiber rings, ensuring connectivity in the event of an accidental fiber cut

Secure infrastructure

The Data Center was built to guarantee the safety of the information it houses:

  • Redundant power supplies and a backup generator keep the center operational during power outages.
  • The facility has its own heating and cooling system, maintaining a temperature and humidity level appropriate for the equipment it houses.

High Performance Equipment

The Data Center is the center of our security and hosting infrastructure:

  • An inert-gas fire suppression system and fire doors protect equipment from fire hazards.
  • The security systems prevent unauthorized access to the facility and engineers escort all visitors to the data center.

Heavily Invested Into Our Own Hosting Infrastructure

Whether you are a bidder on an auction site or an online auction site owner, we understand that outages are unacceptable. We know as well as you do that the final minutes of an online auction is the most critical; therefore, we are there to monitor everything during your critical auction time.