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Success with our #NAAPro

#AuctionsWork with the (NAA) National Auctioneers Association

[metaslider id=2766] was contacted by a Colorado NAA member 10 days ago because of a limit on pricing he was having with his current Multi-Parcel Auction Software.  He needed to have something that would go above $10,000,000 (10 Million) or have no limits at all.  He got our name from another auctioneer that we have kept in contact with over the years and he referred him to Auctioneer Software.  Saturday June 17, was the big auction day and we flew down to help him with management of an auction.  This was an absolute success as we registered over 100 bidders online and on site and the auction realized several million $$’s over what was expected and over $2,000,000 of the auction price was from online bidders.

What a privilege it is to work with members and the NAA.


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