Simulcast Online Auction Software

You now have the opportunity for your bidders to bid live on the internet! 

This is not a new concept and has been available from other providers BUT the Spectrum Difference is that we do not give your commission away with our version of the Spectrum BIDLIVE simulcast auction software.

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Auction Software
$ 2500
One Time Setup Fee
  • Accept Bids Online
  • Audio / Video Streaming
  • Chat Notifications

Simulcast style auctions have been around for quite a while now. A long description about what a simulcast auction is probably not needed at this point. There are some differences with the way that we provide this type of auction software to you. 

For this reason, we would like to highlight the differences that we have:

1. We have dedicated a lot of time in order to provide a reliable and quick platform for you to use.

2. The development of our software has been built on the experiences we learned from other auction companies such as “I wish it could do this” or “I wish it had this”

3. We provide our software by charging a one time setup fee along with a monthly charge. Run as many auctions as you like.

4. Our goal is for you to become self sufficient with the administrating of the auction process.

5. Our software allows one bidder database for you. If you were to utilize all of our products, your bidder would only need one username and one registration to participate in all the auctions types. 


Whether you are a small company that has a large opportunity from a seller or you are a large established auction company, we would like to talk to you about your unique situation and tailor our products to your services.

Your success is our inspiration – let us show you!