Best Facebook Template for Auctions?

Now you can choose your Facebook page template based on the genre of your business.

How are the templates different?

Facebook has developed new Facebook page templates for your Company Page depending on its use. These page templates range from Standard (original) to Business to Shopping. There is a new layout for almost any sort of business, and each template differs by changing the tabs they show on the Page. For example, a Non-Profit template would have a “Donate” tab front and center where people can easily give to your organization.

What are the New Page Templates?


Standard Facebook

Good for all Page types, with buttons and tabs to help showcase what’s important to you.


Venue Facebook

Designed so you can highlight useful info like your venue’s hours, location and upcoming events


Designed to help you manage your business, including ways to post jobs and special offers.


Designed to highlight your cause and encourage people to fundraise and donate to your nonprofit.


Facebook Nonprofit

Designed to highlight your cause and encourage people to fundraise and donate to your nonprofit.


Facebook Services

Designed to help people find your services and get in touch.

Restaurants and Cafes

Facebook Restaurants and Cafes

Designed to highlight photos and important info about your menu, hours and location.


Facebook Shopping

Designed to showcase products and make it easy for people to shop online.

Now you know what each template is...which is best for Auctions?

Many of these templates could work for your Auction’s Facebook page, it all depends on what you want to focus on. The Standard template would work well if you do not want too much variance from a regular Facebook page. This type will allow you to give your audience the information they’re seeking without too much extra flash. 

The Business template would work well if you want to post about special offers for your auctions or you’re looking to hire new members of your team. The appeal of this template is the ability to add buttons and tabs. The buttons allow you to bring a “call to action” on your page if there is something you want your clients to do or a link you want them to go to. Tabs give you the space to feature different aspects of your business, such as your business details and photos you want to showcase.

The Venues template could work if you stay in one location and want your clients to know more about it. This template highlights the aspects of your business such as your location, your hours, and events you have coming up. Venues may be one of the best templates to use for auctions because it allows you to easily post about your auctions and invite others to them via Facebook.

 Nonprofit may also be a useful template for your auction if you are working for a charity or donating the profits. This template will allow you to highlight the cause you are working towards and encourage others to donate. It features many calls to action as well as buttons where patrons can donate directly.

Each Facebook template has positive and negative aspects depending on your business. You must look at your goal and decide which Facebook template will best help you achieve that goal.