A Note From Our President


What is the meaning and definition? These are defined as a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome. If this was all we had in a day, we would certainly say that it is not worth it. Who wants to come into a mess or chaos every day to work and deal with the types of things that makes you cringe? Technology is only going to keep advancing, and we must keep up and develop with it or be left behind.

My question is how to get there? What resources can be used to assist?

There are several avenues that can be laid out here if you are a small business to start and it starts with this question:


"How do I want to spend my day?"

auction software
live clerking reporting

Who wants to sit and stare at computer monitors, network switches, or an unresponsive website etc. when you should be talking to sellers, mingle with bidders, setup auctions or sell at auctions? Your answers to these questions tell a lot about where you are at in this fast moving technology field.

There are many technology providers that have given their entire existence to the auction industry. My call to you is “Use them!”. You maybe surprised by what you find. I cannot think of any reason why an auction company would not look to them first for their needs. Personally, I cannot count on 2 hands how many auctioneers have tried to go to a friend of a friend or an aunt or uncle for their technology needs and it did not work out as well as they planned. Technology companies in the auction industry live and breathe this industry and most have your interests at the top of their list when you call. This is not a self-promotional letter but a reaction to some of the frustration that I have seen over the last month. When you come home at the end of the day, when asked how was your day, would you like to say ‘It was a good day?’ or ‘Awesome day’ or ‘I feel good about this day’, or ‘I really got a lot accomplished today’? 

"Then I believe the answer to your technology problems are the providers in your NAA association"

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